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Enzzo's Trattoria & Dora!

When Dora was in high school, she and her close friends regularly met to have a special dinner together at Enzzo's Trattoria on Millburn Avenue in Short Hills, NJ. Dora always ordered her favorite dish, bashfully requesting that one ingredient be left out: pancetta (Italian bacon) as she was a lifelong vegetarian. The owners always knew when she ordered that she was not having that pancetta! Owners Perri and Vinnie later decided to take it out of the dish completely.

Here is a message from the restaurant owners: "Finally, after many years, we here at Enzzo’s have officially renamed the dish in Dora's honor. Pasta Romano is now known as Pasta Dora on the menu!"

Please visit Enzzo's Trattoria! All of their food is deliciously cooked and served with love! Thank you, Enzzo's! xoxo


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