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Isadora's Life in Photos


"The power of light is immense. It is far greater than the power of darkness. A little tiny light can remove a tremendous amount of darkness." ~Prem Rawat


with Mickey and friends Jan. 2014
with cousin Kayla 2006
with Emily, Tania, Kayla, Lizzie
2010 Ramapo College of NJ graduates
with her dad 2005
upstate home
Paradise Island
with Grandma Eileen
pretty in pink sisters
meeting Barbie
3 months old
at Universal Studios
with cousin Lizzie upstate 1998
1991 with brother Hilton
cousin Lizzie with Dora.jpg
Woodstock August 27, 2013
with Hilton, Lizzie, Tania, Emily
what a beauty
the Dora mobile
ballet pose
with siblings
summer upstate
at Sesame Place with Ernie
annual meeting with Mickey
ballerina sisters
Brownies with Michele
siblings with Grandpa
1989 with Goofy, Hilton and Grandpa
1992 became a big sister
tap dancing with Michelle
the Seibert team
dance recital day
with Uncle Marty
the siblings
2001 summer upstate
ballet dancers
with cousins Lizzie and Stefanie
with brother Hilton 1992
Halloween parade
1994 Disney World
with cousins Emily, Rachel, Lizzie
with Allie and Jill high school prom
Halloween 1996
with grandparents & cousins
with Katie
2004 cousin pyramid
dress up time
with Jen Tassia Allie and Jill
with cousins 1990
with Tania, cousins Sammy & Emily
2005 Grandpa's 80 girl cousins
ballerina girl
Halloween at Disney World 1994
1989 passover cousins
sisters 1994
with cousins Emily and Kayla
1990 summer with Hilton & cousins
with nursery school teacher Toby
2006 kiss
singing at Grandpa's 70th birthday
1992 with Hilton and cousins
pajama time with Hilton
autograph seeking sisters
high school senior skip day in NYC
with Becca high school prom
sisters 2005
1990 birthday princess - age 2
so pretty
1996 beauty
with lots of family 1996
Hershey Park 1992
cousins Rachel, Emily & siblings
Snow day!
favorite photo
1st day of Kindergarten with Hilton
with cousins Kayla Lizzie and Emily
upstate 1998
high school grad
with Lizzie, Tyler, Rachel, Hilton
with cousin Emily 2005
4 months old with brother
Wizard of Oz
Isadora's Bat Mitzvah
With baby Tania
With Jake
With Margaux
With Kristin, Kelsey, and Christine
With Michelle and sister Tania
with Jessica
With Melissa and Tyler
With Melissa
With Alison and Kate
With Julia at dance recital
With Hilton
Elementary school graduation
at Ramapo College
The Outer Banks
Thing 1 and Thing 2
Playing Pretty Princess with Margaux
Bat Mitzvah
Bat Mitzvah friends
with sister Tania & Grandma Florrie
Friendships from Ramapo College
Halloween as Madeline
Awards at Ramapo College
the siblings trio
With 4th grade teacher at Halloween
Dress up time with best friend Emily
Ramapo College Senior Send Off
Fun with best friend Emily
Prom Night chaperones 2012
Supporting St. Baldrick's
St. Baldrick's Article
with Nicole, Dominique, and Marlene
with Staci at fundraiser 2013
with Rudy
with Marissa Dec. 2013
with Marlene and Christine
with Wonderland Salon owner Michael
with Kelsey, Alison, and Marlene
with Piglet Disneyworld 2014
Disneyworld Jan. 2014
with her dad Sept. 2013
at Ramapo College
volunteering for
with GLHS friends
with Staci and Lisa
NYC Sept. 2013
New hair cut Dec. 2013
Wonderland Salon Dec. 2013
Allie and Isadora at baking class
Isadora upstate
January 2014 family at Disneyworld
GLHS friendships
West Orange Aug. 2013
GLHS friends Dec. 2013
Concert in NYC with GLHS friends
GLHS friends
with Kelsey
with Kavish Dec. 2013
Stage House Fall 2013
Meredith's House December 2013
Summer 2013 -- out to dinner in NYC
Devil’s Game
Celebrating Dan’s birthday 2012
GLHS Prom 2012 with Dan
with Tyler
love from a student
with friend and co-worker Staci
with cousin Jessi
with Marlene
with cousin Elena
with RCNJ and GL friends together
with Christine
withfriends from GL
mustached sisters
with Jen and Shirley 2003
MHS volleyball team 2003
with Shirley 2003
with Shirley and her dog
2005 with Shirley
New Year's Eve upstate NY
2004 with Rachel at Lake George
with beauty queen Shirley
with Caity in high school
2003 with Shirley and Caity
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