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Governor Livingston High School's Environmental Club Holds "Discfest"!

Discfest Frisbee

The Environmental Club held an exciting fundraiser called "Discfest" where ten teams played round robin games of frisbee. The winning team were all freshman (the photo with mostly red shirts below). Kudos to them! The club, overseen by advisor/science teacher Jim Rutzler, were kind and generous enough to make a donation to the Isadora J. Seibert Foundation's scholarship fund. Isadora had co-advised the Environmental Club while working at Governor Livingston High School. Thank you to Jim, the club members and all you do to help the environment, and to all the students that participated in Discfest!

Discfest participants!

Discfest participants!

Winning team!

Rachel Chirichella and Noah Boldt (2015 Foundation Scholarship recipients, along with Meredith Gray, a 2014 Foundation Scholarship recipient, are pictured with science teacher Lisa Dhaibar. a member of the Isadora Seibert Scholarship Committee at GL which is comprised of loving close friends and peers of Isadora.

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