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Now Accepting Credit Card Donations

October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month. As a sad coincidence, on October 18, 2013, Isadora was diagnosed with FHC in the terminal stage. Each October since, the Foundation has held its annual Coffee Tasting & Dessert fundraising event to support research of this very rare cancer. Because of its rarity, FHC research is mostly funded by private donations. To honor Isadora and all those with FHC, the Foundation's goal is to assist with funding. Another October sadness has occurred. Isadora's beloved grandfather became ill this month and has joined her on the other side. Because of this, in lieu of holding this year's Coffee Tasting & Dessert fundraiser, the Foundation is asking for your support in another way. The Isadora J. Seibert Foundation is now able to accept Paypal and credit card donations on its website. Please consider supporting Isadora's Foundation in its quest to help others.

We sincerely thank you for visiting Isadora's site whether you can donate at this time or not. Isadora was, is, and shall always be just about sharing love.

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